The Dawn of Man
John LeMasney played Kubrick's 2001 backwards and forwards simultaneously. Here's what he discovered.

Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forwards and Backwards.

John LeMasney Que
I had the great pleasure earlier this year of working with Que Publishing to develop and release several video how to products about WordPress and Raspberry Pi. You can see some samples here:

My recent work with Que Publishing

Jedediah Higgins House, Kingston, NJ, Interior, Natural light, cc-by lemasney
Here's what's going on the first half of September at LeMasney Consulting.

What’s going on in early September 2015 at LeMasney Consulting

When you understand one thing through and through, you understand everything. cc-by lemasney 1
Hacking is the art of understanding something in a complete way, mastering it, for the sake of changing it to meet a need. Usually the result of hacking is innovations not introduced or intended in the original designs. Open source systems promote and benefit from hacking. Proprietary or closed systems make it harder to do that. Information, knowledge and recipes should be free, as in freedom.

My philosophy regarding the benefits of hacking

Losing Weight: John LeMasney after picture 2
27 questions asked by students in an interview on being a technology consultant with John LeMasney

27 questions on being a technology consultant: A high school ...

A client asked me recently how to affect the ways that posts show chronologically in WordPress. By default, WordPress shows the latest publish post first, the next most recent post next, and so on. This is affected mostly by the date at the time the post was published is set […]

Editing order, publishing dates and sticky posts in WordPress

26 of 365 - Control design principle by John LeMasney via lemasney.com
Good control design in a system allows for the ease of use for new users (beginners) or complex, customizable use by seasoned users (experts).  A new or inexperienced user of a system will benefit from fewer options, and a simple interface, where an expert user benefits from a customizable, flexible […]

26 of 365: Control #design principle

Relaunching 365sketches I think that perhaps the greatest design work I’ve ever done was for the 365 Sketches project formerly at http://365sketches.org. I did it for 3 years between 2009 and 2012, with a one year break. You can see the best work from that project at the portfolio page. The […]

I’ve decided to resume 365sketches in 2014

  “Sharing Food Virtually: an Introduction to Food Blogging DATE/TIME:  Oct 7 2013 – 7:00pm – 8:30pm LOCATION:  Technology Center In this session, John LeMasney will show you how to use WordPress to share photos, video, recipes, reviews and other information about your passion for food. A delight in eating, […]

Sharing Food Virtually: an Introduction to Food Blogging DATE/TIME: ...