About Illustrated Quotes

Illustrated Quotes

Do you have a favorite quote, saying, or phrase that you’d like to be reminded of every day? Would you like to see it beautifully illustrated, with color and typography and line coming together to emphasize the nonverbal aspects of the idea? I want to help you get your illustrated quotes.

Maybe you have a motivational quote? Maybe you have a favorite phrase that you share with your partner, and they know exactly what you mean? Perhaps you have a one liner that would cheer you up every time you saw it? I can help with that illustrated quote!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Email me at john@lemasney.com and tell me the quote, source and attribution, and any other information to be included in the illustration.
  2. I contact you with any clarifying questions and answers.
  3. I illustrate and publish your quote. You decide if you like it or not.
  4. You purchase an illustrated quote voucher for $100 if and only if you like it.

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