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John LeMasney cc-by lemasney

John LeMasney cc-by lemasney

I want to help you to make something great. I’m a creative, a technologist, and a teacher. Please contact me to see how we might be able to work something out! I am an avid volunteer and work to find ways to collaborate, even in situations where no money is available. Try me. Make sure to check out my Rates and Policies document in the menu above, too! It has a TL;DR and everything. 🙂

“LeMasney Consulting serves people, groups, organizations and enterprises. We do the incredibly rewarding work of helping people to find the right mix of strategy, design, and technology to solve the problems that we can solve with them. We value integrity, progress, productivity and beauty in work. We offer hardware and software technology support from desktops to servers, design solutions from a single flier to a multi-year campaign, and emphasize determining, developing, and staying on brand.” curated by lemasney from About LeMasney Consulting | lemasney at

phone: 609-553-9498

LeMasney Consulting was formerly in Plainsboro, NJ, just outside of Princeton, but is now located in Northern VA. I work remotely all the time, so if you are a NJ client and you need help, please call me!

1227 Park Street, Charlottesville, VA 22901


lemasney on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress,, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and just about everywhere else. Friend, follow, and join me, please? Let’s do great things together.

Also, feel free to just contact me here!

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