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I had the great pleasure earlier this year of working with Que Publishing to develop and release several video how to products about WordPress and Raspberry Pi. You can see some samples here:

My recent work with Que Publishing

There's something strangely musical about noise - Trent Reznor - cc-by lemasney
Of particular interest in episode 76 is a very brief overview of Audiotool, Audacity, and Drumbit, the tools we will be using to make a song.

Technology and the Arts Episodes 75 and 76: Choosing tools ...

Losing Weight: John LeMasney after picture 2
27 questions asked by students in an interview on being a technology consultant with John LeMasney

27 questions on being a technology consultant: A high school ...

Arduino Starter Kit Project 09 Motorized Pinwheel
Joy is Your sons carrying around rocks and leaves that they found for you, that meet clear expectations, and exceed them. Quiet in the forest; Sanctitude Solving a problem that you did not know existed. Sharing what you know. Listening to good music. Gaining knowledge with others. The freedom to understand, […]

On joy.

Venn diagram of nutritional management by lemasney
My Weekly ‘Therapy’ Session I was having a conversation with a very good friend the other day. We were talking about the circle of topics that we always talk about, e.g. life, work, relationships, status, and emotion. I deeply enjoy the conversations and they happen almost weekly. It is my […]

On quantification and truth

Wrapping text around an object in Inkscape by lemasney
This video demonstrates how to use Inkscape to disguise a soup can’s label, and then to wrap text around it fairly believably. Here is the final image.

Tutorial: Wrapping text around an object using Inkscape

Arduino Five Ten Egg Timer circuit - John LeMasney
The next Princeton PC Users Group meeting is August 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Lawrence Branch of the Mercer County Library, New Jersey. John LeMasney on “Hands-On Arduino” Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform that allows you to scratch your own itch. It exemplifies the making movement, in which we are moving […]

John LeMasney on Hands-On Arduino

Arduino Five Ten Egg Timer circuit - John LeMasney
I love the five-ten egg. It’s a hard-boiled egg that leaves the yolk just a bit soft and the outside done. Simply boil water, drop your egg, and watch your time. At 5 minutes, ten seconds, pull and ice bath the egg to stop cooking. Peel, enjoy. I have been […]

Arduino Based Five Ten Egg Timer

all you can eat sushi retro diner sign - John LeMasney
I love when retro ideas are mashed up with contemporary trends, and so I decided to make this retro style diner sign about ten-dollar all-you-can-eat sushi. The original that I worked from was a sign for five-cent bottomless coffee, and this was the contemporary equivalent that came to mind.

All you can eat sushi retro diner sign – John ...