These are design or consulting jobs that rose out of a request from the audience. I am always looking for prompts for new content, so if you have a need, please reach out.

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Looking for a little feedback help. Hey, all. I hope you are doing well! For those of you I’ve worked with in the past, please consider giving me a review on Google Maps. I’m looking for ratings, photos, and reviews because the move from NJ to VA wiped out my […]

Request for feedback

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Number two of fifty-two is on one of my essential tools for productivity, time management, customer relationship management, task and to-do, and scheduling, Google Calendar! This was prompted by a conversation I was having with Ben Bakelaar and Peter Bromberg on Facebook about what I use for productivity and time management, and I said Google Calendar. When I got some feedback that their experience was less than stellar, I decided to share a screenshot of my GCal

What I love about Google Calendar: Productivity abundance cc-by lemasney

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Are you happy with your online presence? If you've worked with me, you know how much I love helping businesses get started. You need a few things for the digital side, and a few things on the real-life side. I have helped thousands of people with technology, and a lot of them are pleased. Take a look at the Testimonials page for more on what people are saying. Then consider our Small Business Starter Package!

Branding Starter Package: What if it was easy?

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I had the great pleasure earlier this year of working with Que Publishing to develop and release several video how to products about WordPress and Raspberry Pi. You can see some samples here:

My recent work with Que Publishing

Wrapping text around an object in Inkscape by lemasney
This video demonstrates how to use Inkscape to disguise a soup can’s label, and then to wrap text around it fairly believably. Here is the final image.

Tutorial: Wrapping text around an object using Inkscape

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Please visit the first entry in this series and stay tuned for the following parts of this chapter. What makes Pinterest a preferable social network for organizations such as libraries to embrace? Pinterest is a social network (a place where people come together to connect) which focuses on visual content, […]

60 of 365: Using Pinterest to Gain a Visual Following ...

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The following posts were written and proposed as a book chapter on Pinterest for Libraries, but the chapter was not accepted. Sad, except that now it means that I have some content to share publicly with you! Over the next few days, I’ll be publishing the chapter as a series […]

59 of 365: Using Pinterest to Gain a Visual Following ...

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I recently had the opportunity via LibraryLinkNJ to speak on the topic of Consumer Device Support in Libraries at several of their Tech Speed Dating gatherings, in which librarians from across the state of New Jersey come together to learn about the technologies they might love. It is a platform for […]

57 of 365: A Call to Libraries to Devise Policy ...