These testimonials might show you how other people have enjoyed working with LeMasney Consulting. Have I helped you recently? Did you enjoy yourself? Please consider leaving me a testimonial!

In June of 2011, I gave a talk on my 365sketches project, one of my favorite talks, and got some great feedback from a good friend, Phil Shapiro, on Twitter:

 @philshapiro: The only cure for public timidity is personal courage. (A lesson I learned from @lemasney)

and on email:

“I came in 30 minutes late to your talk Tues evening and still found it spellbinding”

Phil ShapiroLibrarianWashington, D.C.
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Working with Lemasney Consulting is always a wonderful experience. I highly recommend you try working with John!

Sandy Ghattas AkseizerOwnerLucky Tree CreativeNew Jersey
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I recently had the good fortune to take a course that John taught at the Princeton Public Library. I was impressed with John’s knowledge base and the way he facilitated the class. He was well-prepared with a comprehensive agenda, but was also flexible, allowing the class to be shaped by the needs and questions of the group. He did an excellent job of managing a class with individuals at different skill levels. I would highly recommend John as an instructor – Miriam Libove

Miriam LiboveStudentPrinceton, NJ
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I needed a logo for my blog – and I knew from the beginning I wanted John to do it. I have been following his work and I like his design voice, his talent for making lots of different designs – So i had no doubt that John would be the person to make the design I wanted – he did live up to my expectations in every way. I love working with Pros – and John is definitely one. 

Jan HolmquistLibrary Advocatejanholmquist.netDenmark
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John LeMasney is a dedicated professional that I am honored to have studied with. John always went the extra mile on assignments and consistently added valued insight to our discussions. I recommend John LeMasney without reserve. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, John’s your guy. If you’re looking for hard work, commitment and excellence, John’s your guy. Warm regards, Ayo Johnson

May 30, 2010 – Ayo Marie Johnson, Director of Educational Services, True Servant Community Development Corporation, studied with John at Rider University

Ayo Marie Johnson, Rider UniversityStudentRider University Master of Arts in Organizational LeadershipNew Jersey
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“John drastically trimmed costs by offering phone consultations ‘at point of need.’ I accomplished what I could, and he guided me through the next steps. I am a Very Happy Camper.”

~Barbara Figge Fox, author of Princeton Comment and Not in Our Town Princeton. http://niotprinceton.org

Barbara Figge Fox, Princeton Comment & Not in Our Town Princeton.AuthorNew Jersey
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John Lemasney is an engaging speaker and open source revolutionary, with a knack for developing presentations aimed at teaching the basics of design. The New York Library Association – Section on the Management of Information Resource and Technology invited John to deliver his presentation, Practically Designed, for our annual Continuing Education Spring Workshop in June, 2010 and would gladly do so again. His presentation was informative and entertaining, leaving the audience with a new perspective on design and its role in their daily lives. We look forward to the opportunity to host John as a presenter in the future.

August 16, 2010 – Erin Wachowicz, Chair, Workshop and continuing Education Committee, NYLA – Section on the Management of Information Resources and Technology 

Erin WachowiczChair, Workshop and continuing Education CommitteeNew York Library AssociationNew York
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Sad to see it go, for it was awesomeness itself. All month, we saw more people gravitate to that area of the Second Floor than usual. Every time I glanced over, people had slowed down to stand in front of each Sketch, or to sit and gaze tranquilly at the exhibit as a whole. Wherever 365Sketches:The Exhibit goes next, it will make people stop and really look the way they should!

Toms River Public Library Art Show CoordinatorCoordinatorToms River Public LibraryNew Jersey
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Once again thanks so much for helping make our graphics workshop group the best attended workshop in the [user group’s] collection. Everyone knows that when you are there, they will be exposed to something new and worthwhile, by someone who is both competent and entertaining. Your efforts are always appreciated by our members.

Bill SIlverman, BCUG (Graphics)LeaderBrookdale Computer Users Group (Graphics)New Jersey
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John is a great manager to work with. He thinks through issues clearly and finds multiple solutions to an issue. John is easy to communicate with and welcomes new ideas and change. He is a strategic planner and leader. He is well immersed in the latest happenings and technologies in IT. He loves to experiment and try new things in technology. John thinks creatively to solve issues. John works well with groups and has great user relation skills and customer service skills. I enjoy working with John. I have learned a lot and look forward to learning more under his management.

August 12, 2007 – Angela Brady, Instructional Technologist, Rider University reported to John at Rider University

A. Brady, Rider UniversityInstructional technologistRider UniversityNew jersey
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Other testimonials

After a recent presentation on Inkscape to the NJ Association of Library Assistants, I got this wonderful letter from an attendee.

“Hi Mr. LeMasney, I attended your 2:15-3:45 afternoon class yesterday on June 7, 2011.  I couldn’t go without thanking you for your time and sharing the education with me as a student.  The class will benefit me in the future.  It was a lot to grasp but eventually I will learn it all.  Your class gave me a good start…It felt great to sit in a classroom environment again being that I’ve been out of school for a while.  This class encouraged me to continue my education.  The reason why I’m writing you is because I had to leave your class a few minutes early due to transportation and I didn’t have the chance to thank you at the end of the class.  You deserve all respect and the right to know that it was appreciated.  Take care until the next NJALA Conference.”

Diane, who does the programming for a New York users group said this in response to a seminar on Inkscape:

“Thank you for the time and energy you invested to create a stupendous presentation.  I wanted to let you know that you opened quite a few eyes at the meeting! They want more!”

Jane, a recent attendee to my talk on the Future of Mobile Technologies said:

“I would like to follow you around for a day and listen.  I just got my masters and still think that following you around for a day would be the best 8 hours of education I could get.”

Alice Parfitt, a recent Inkscape workshop attendee said:

“In the next two weeks, I want to learn everything about Inkscape that you haven’t already taught us. When this Inkscape workshop is finished, I hope you will plan something similar for GIMP and other creative technologies. If I were still in library school…I would try to do an internship with you….Someone told me they took a class in photo editing with you at NJLA this year? I would like to hear more about this… Would you ever be interested in doing programs at OCL for staff and/or the public? I’ve learned a lot from you and am very impressed with your knowledge, philosophy, and teaching style.  ”

In hearing that we were able to extend a series of workshops at Princeton Public Library on Inkscape from 4 weeks to five, attendee Beth Plankey said

“This is exactly what I was hoping for. I am delighted. I would gladly attend every Monday for the rest of my life! It may take that long to learn all that Inkscape can do. Thanks ever so much to all of you!”

A third attendee, Martha Otis, who was not able to make all the PPL sessions, remarked hopefully about future sessions:

“I am glad to have had an intro to this marvelous program by a patient and imaginative teacher. Sorry I’ll miss classes but grateful for what I learned. Keep me informed please.”

I was recently voted in as one of the most interesting NJ Librarians to hear present in an open internet survey, though I am not, in fact, a Librarian. Many people have mistaken my passion for Libraries as an actual MLS. (http://redlibcomic.blogspot.com/2010/08/winners-most-likelynj-librarians-survey.html)

Other quick comments from recent session feedback forms:

John was so organized, knowledgeable, over all just excellent.

John rocks.

Great information, especially from John. I liked how he was able to concisely explain the various technology tools that are available.

I had a lot of questions about technology that were answered during the session. I’m sure I’ll have to call the Technology office less often this fall now that I know how to post things on Blackboard, etc.

John was terrific! A great source and valuable resource!


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