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Sweetgum Seed lamp (detail), steel, glass, and LEDs, Robert Kuster and John LeMasney, 2015
I'm still very excited about the Photo Essay about Jedediah Higgins House though I'd love more people to see it. Have you checked it out yet? I've also been thinking alot about the social networking problem of chaos versus order, and how hashtags are a really great, open solution that many people are still confused about. Hashtags are an idea, simply, that collect other ideas. When I precede a word with a hash (#) it indicates that I am using it as a collector, group, or thread that leads to other content about that topic, because others have used that hashtag as well. I love WordPress in part because of how well it uses tags and categories as well as other metadata to prompt you to create a taxonomy (or folksonomy) of your content.

What’s going on in early October at LeMasney Consulting?

Jedediah Higgins House, Kingston, NJ, Interior, Natural light, cc-by lemasney
Here's what's going on the first half of September at LeMasney Consulting.

What’s going on in early September 2015 at LeMasney Consulting

"Ever wonder how digital effects are created? Want to customize your favorite effects wirelessly from a smartphone? Then Pure Pi may be your best option. The Pure Pi uses a Raspberry Pi Model B running the Raspbian distro of Pure Data Extended, all controlled from an iPhone or Android phone via TouchOSC. Sounds like a lot of work, but thanks to the work done by the Pure Data and Raspberry Pi communities, it’s a Wheezy breeze. Here are the steps to getting the Pure Pi set up on your Raspberry Pi and controlling it by phone." - Pure Pi: Control custom stompbox effects on a Raspberry Pi with a smartphone, http://goo.gl/jok9VB

Pure Pi: Control custom stompbox effects on a Raspberry Pi ...

Elephant by lemasney (Evernote)
Tonight at Princeton Theological Seminary, I’ll be joining the members of the Princeton Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) to discuss the various benefits of Evernote. http://pmug-nj.org/ Come and learn about how Evernote can help you to Take typed notes – You can use Evernote as a simple note taking application, and many […]

Tonight at PMUG: On Evernote

Airplane made out of text by lemasney
I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I have been traveling, and just came home, and walked in, and it’s joyous. I decided to make a record of how I feel and why I feel that way. It’s important to note that I enjoyed my trips away, and it’s also important […]

Things I miss from home when I’m traveling.

An Introduction to Arduino at Princeton Public Library by John LeMasney

Introduction to Arduino: 7 things you should know

“Once again, we are happy to announce a visit from our friend and active open source and social networking guru, John LeMasney, who has again offered a totally unique, new and innovative line of thought for our users group. It was no surprise when we contacted John for an idea […]

Tonight: #RaspberryPi, #Arduino and the #Make movement at BCUG

fluffy by John LeMasney via lemasney.com
The Five Minute Ten-Second Egg I really love clarity. The five-ten egg (the five-minute ten-second egg) does this. The five-ten egg is a very specific instruction for a perfectly soft-boiled egg. It refers to the amount of time which you boiled the egg to make it simply perfect, that is, […]

On the five-minute ten-second egg.