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The Dawn of Man
John LeMasney played Kubrick's 2001 backwards and forwards simultaneously. Here's what he discovered.

Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forwards and Backwards.

When you understand one thing through and through, you understand everything. cc-by lemasney 1
Hacking is the art of understanding something in a complete way, mastering it, for the sake of changing it to meet a need. Usually the result of hacking is innovations not introduced or intended in the original designs. Open source systems promote and benefit from hacking. Proprietary or closed systems make it harder to do that. Information, knowledge and recipes should be free, as in freedom.

My philosophy regarding the benefits of hacking

Marylin Monroe as Pixel art by lemasney
In this transformation of the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe, I decided to make the pixelated image, because I’m observing a special social visual interest in pixelation. Enjoy. 🙂 In the GIMP, I decided to import this image of Marilyn, then to apply a pixelize filter, resize to 128×128, and […]

Pixelation portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Arduino Five Ten Egg Timer circuit - John LeMasney
The next Princeton PC Users Group meeting is August 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Lawrence Branch of the Mercer County Library, New Jersey. John LeMasney on “Hands-On Arduino” Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform that allows you to scratch your own itch. It exemplifies the making movement, in which we are moving […]

John LeMasney on Hands-On Arduino

all you can eat sushi retro diner sign - John LeMasney
I love when retro ideas are mashed up with contemporary trends, and so I decided to make this retro style diner sign about ten-dollar all-you-can-eat sushi. The original that I worked from was a sign for five-cent bottomless coffee, and this was the contemporary equivalent that came to mind.

All you can eat sushi retro diner sign – John ...

Coffee cup by John LeMasney via
This is a simple sketch of a coffee cup in Inkscape. Related articles 20121228: panda made of text by John LeMasney via #creativecommons #design #typography 20121215: Princess illustrated by John LeMasney via #creativecommons #design #cc-by #typography 20121120: A study in hexagonal geometry by John LeMasney via #design […]

68 of 365: Simple sketch of a coffee cup.

67 of 365 Dance by Antoinette Marchfelder & John LeMasney via
This is a collaboration between Antoinette and I. Antoinette has a lovely drafting ability, and makes the most beautiful, colorful, jungle-inspired work. We’ve worked together in Inkscape, to help her expand her digital working style. In this case. I asked her if she had ever used a Wacom tablet, and she […]

67 of 365: Dance by Antoinette Marchfelder & John LeMasney

66 of 365 The truth knocks on the door by John LeMasney via 2
The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” (Robert Persig) by John LeMasney via Related articles I used to believe by John LeMasney via 50 of 365 is coffee talk by John LeMasney via […]

66 of 365 The truth knocks on the door by ...

7 out of ten dogs infographic by lemasney
In this session, we looked at the reasons why infographics are becoming an important, highly popular way of presenting information. We showed how to find data, how to build your message, and how to put together your infographic using great, free tools. Below is the presentation for this two-hour session. […]

John LeMasney: Making Infographics (February 2013) at Princeton Public Library