The Dawn of Man
John LeMasney played Kubrick's 2001 backwards and forwards simultaneously. Here's what he discovered.

Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forwards and Backwards.

When you understand one thing through and through, you understand everything. cc-by lemasney 1
Hacking is the art of understanding something in a complete way, mastering it, for the sake of changing it to meet a need. Usually the result of hacking is innovations not introduced or intended in the original designs. Open source systems promote and benefit from hacking. Proprietary or closed systems make it harder to do that. Information, knowledge and recipes should be free, as in freedom.

My philosophy regarding the benefits of hacking

So I realized a long time ago that Radiohead’s song “Creep” and Queens of the Stone Age‘s  song “How to handle a rope” (I think; I’ll check) “You can’t quit me baby” both use the beautiful lyric I illustrated here. Yeah it’s a little sad, but who doesn’t want someone […]

77 of 365 is a shared song lyric #Inkscape

    There are many reasons that I advocate for Free and Open Source Software, but among my top reasons is that it will never stop me from doing what I want or need to do, like so many proprietary systems do because of money, licensing or ideology. tags: open […]

66 of 365 is a reason to use Open Source ...

Amy, a friend I met in Baltimore in January, said that she might like a sketch, and to keep an eye on her photos on Facebook, so I have. I saw this amazing photo of a meal she made, and thought that it would be a great start for a […]

65 of 365 is a delicious dinner #GIMP @amylynnna