Tonight at Princeton Public Library: Design for Non-Designers

Tonight, at 7 pm at Princeton Public Library, I’ll be introducing self-designated non-designers about the basics of graphic design for non-designers. It’s free to the public, no registration necessary, in the technology center.

In the talk, I introduce the key ideas of graphic design to those who may never have had the discussion before:

  • Fonts and typography
  • Layout and space
  • Color and palette
  • Defining and simplifying messages for casual viewers
  • Getting one’s attention and engagement in an over-engaged world
  • Visual branding

If you are like me, you went through 12 years of school learning about reading, writing, communication, arithmetic, history, and other important basic skills.

But I did not learn about video production, graphic design, data visualization or other contemporary communication skills while I was in school until I went to college. Not because it was too difficult to learn, as many kids are introduced to these topics in grade school now, but because the emphasis was different. So those of us who are asked to communicate in the new visual ways are often lost, not having even the vocabulary of visual communication. If this describes you, I think you would benefit greatly from the class. I hope to see you there!

Oh, you can’t make it? That’s too bad. Luckily, I have a phone (609 553 9498) and an email address ( where we can still talk about it! Talk to you soon.

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