40 of 365 is an all seeing eye #inkscape

All-seeing eye - LeMasney Consulting

All-seeing eye – LeMasney Consulting

One of my best and longest standing friends has tqaken to critiquing my blog. I welcome this. Especially because he has started giving me ideas for the blog. He said that he really wanted to see an eye that could see in all directions. I decided to interpret his request figuratively, and just render a human eye, as I believe with knowledge, insight, and experience that we can foretell a lot of what is going to happen. Though I’m surprised constantly. In inkscape, I created the iris with a circle and some overlapping blue and green stars using the shape tool, with a large white circle in back of it for the eyeball. I added a black ellipse for the pupil. I used two rectangles-to-paths to shape the upper and lower face by using the node tool. For the space between the eyeball and the upper and lower face, I added a pink rectangle behind the eyeball. I added simple pencil lines with shape: ellipse for the upper and lower lids and lash line, and switched to pencil with shape: triangle out for the lashes.Thanks for the suggestion, Roch, I hope you like it, and I hope you suggest more ideas.

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