A food presentation tips [poster] by John LeMasney via lemasney.com #cc #food #design 3

Food presentation tips

Food presentation tips


Please click to view full size. So, I love food shows, and I really love reality TV food shows, like Top Chef and Next Food Network Star. However, I have always been a little confused about the rules of food presentation, and what makes one presentation better than another. So, I decided to do some research, and after finding a lot of great resources, one particular site stood out as a good combination of a lot of great tips that seemed to be repeated elsewhere. I was surprised that I had a hard time finding something like the infographic I created here, but I hope to see it hanging up in the kitchens of lots of diners and cafes soon. You may already know that all my work in this project is free to use under the rules of Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution.I would say that to date this is perhaps the most effort, research and attention I’ve paid to a single sketch, and I’m very happy to have it finished. 🙂

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