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On the Artist in Society Tonight, I had the opportunity to see the first of 8 films offered as a series on the artist in society at Princeton Public Library, and I enjoyed the first immensely. I’m not sure if one can describe the following discussion of the film as […]

“Art and Craft”, from the PPL Film Series, “The Artist ...

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Please visit the first entry in this series and stay tuned for the following parts of this chapter. What makes Pinterest a preferable social network for organizations such as libraries to embrace? Pinterest is a social network (a place where people come together to connect) which focuses on visual content, […]

60 of 365: Using Pinterest to Gain a Visual Following ...

  I’ll be teaching a class on the ubiquitous and useful note capturing tool called Evernote tonight, 1/15/2014 at 7-8:30 at Princeton Public Library. I’ll explain how to capture voice, photo, web and text notes, share them, and have them with you everywhere you go. You might like it because […]

Tonight at PPL: Evernote

An Introduction to Arduino at Princeton Public Library by John LeMasney

Introduction to Arduino: 7 things you should know

Hi, all. There’s a lot going on this week, and I wanted to make you aware of some of the offerings and events that might help you. Also, you can always click on the link at the bottom of my site to see what classes and other public offerings I […]

This week’s events and opportunities with LeMasney Consulting

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The Five Minute Ten-Second Egg I really love clarity. The five-ten egg (the five-minute ten-second egg) does this. The five-ten egg is a very specific instruction for a perfectly soft-boiled egg. It refers to the amount of time which you boiled the egg to make it simply perfect, that is, […]

On the five-minute ten-second egg.

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“Making Sense of the Google Chromebook” Free Computer Program September 3 Ewing, NJ:   “Why would I want a laptop that only runs a browser?”  This is the critical question New Jersey technology consultant and graphic designer John LeMasney will explore when he presents The Computer Learning Center’s newest, free Computer Tips and Tricks program on Tuesday, September 3.   “Making Sense […]

Making Sense of the Google Chromebook (September 3rd in Ewing)

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On Teaching Scratch Training cc-by lemasney

Teaching Scratch Training: Getting started with Block Programming

At 7 pm, on Monday August 5th, 2013, I’ll be at Princeton Public Library, I’m going to be giving an introductory overview of open source hardware, the Make movement, and the ideology of openness. In particular, I’ll be talking about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and related hardware projects. (post event note: […]

An introduction to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and open source hardware.