The Dawn of Man
John LeMasney played Kubrick's 2001 backwards and forwards simultaneously. Here's what he discovered.

Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forwards and Backwards.

Jedediah Higgins House, Barriers, gate, cc-by lemasney
Photo Essay: The Jedediah Higgins House - Wood, metal, stone, and love in Princeton, NJ. cc-by lemasney

Photo Essay: The Jedediah Higgins House – A story of ...

  This is a very recent memory of a visit I made in Princeton, to a space that absolutely overtook me, both visually and emotionally. It’s amazing what can happen in the hands of a skilled architect. tags: Princeton, NJ, architecture, treehouse, visit, art, space, light, Inkscape, design, open source, […]

320 of 365 is a memory #Inkscape

Dark green bokeh in Inkscape - LeMasney Consulting 2
This is an imitation in Inkscape of bokeh, or the effect of light when a lens is out of focus. Following is a link to a video demonstrating how I did it, with what I think is a nice overview of the Inkscape Tiled Clones Tool. [vodpod id=Video.2938485&w=425&h=350&fv=video%3DstVkxQSkBIR19bQlxUWV9RXlBU]

37 of 365 is full of dark green bokeh #inkscape