Light-emitting diode

Sweetgum Seed lamp (detail), steel, glass, and LEDs, Robert Kuster and John LeMasney, 2015
I'm still very excited about the Photo Essay about Jedediah Higgins House though I'd love more people to see it. Have you checked it out yet? I've also been thinking alot about the social networking problem of chaos versus order, and how hashtags are a really great, open solution that many people are still confused about. Hashtags are an idea, simply, that collect other ideas. When I precede a word with a hash (#) it indicates that I am using it as a collector, group, or thread that leads to other content about that topic, because others have used that hashtag as well. I love WordPress in part because of how well it uses tags and categories as well as other metadata to prompt you to create a taxonomy (or folksonomy) of your content.

What’s going on in early October at LeMasney Consulting?

Arduino Five Ten Egg Timer circuit - John LeMasney
I love the five-ten egg. It’s a hard-boiled egg that leaves the yolk just a bit soft and the outside done. Simply boil water, drop your egg, and watch your time. At 5 minutes, ten seconds, pull and ice bath the egg to stop cooking. Peel, enjoy. I have been […]

Arduino Based Five Ten Egg Timer

An Introduction to Arduino at Princeton Public Library by John LeMasney

Introduction to Arduino: 7 things you should know