Masala Egg with Cheese on Toasted Bagel by John LeMasney via
This morning, I decided to build something hearty, savory, spicy, and warm for breakfast. I decided on an egg sandwich and did a few things to make it a little special. First, I got out a bagel and split it, some American Cheese, and some crushed tomatoes. I seasoned all […]

Breakfast: Masala Egg with Cheese on Toasted Bagel

Divine bovine made of text by John LeMasney via
Here is the latest in my text based animals series. Cow-Schmow, she’s a bovine. tags: cow, bovine, farm, animal, barnyard, field, illustration, Inkscape, design, open source, creative commons, 365 Related articles 3 Techniques for creating designs with isometric projection with Inkscape Design | Covert to Inkscape illustration software now The […]

305 of 365 is a divine bovine #Inkscape #design #typography

A monogram for Dan Wadlinger #cc #design #typography #inkscape #dw
I’ve received a strong response of interest (maybe jealousy?) in the “friend monograms” sketches, and I’m saying right here that if you ask for one, I’ll make every effort to make you one, or in this case, 12. I think letterforms and their relationship are art. I got a lot of […]

A monogram for Dan Wadlinger #cc #design #typography #inkscape #dw

A set of monograms for friends by John LeMasney via #cc #design #typography 4
So this was inspired by the recent sketch of my longtime monogram as well as a conversation with Sarah Badawy about how some combinations of letters work better than others. In order to do each of these, I went through the same workflow in Inkscape each time: Using the text […]

A set of monograms for friends by John LeMasney via ...

Clearly, we have a serious issue. Well, maybe not clearly. So this is really to just explore the beautiful per letter orientation capabilities when you do a conversion from text to path. You have lots of capabilities even as text to do fine kerning, letter spacing, and even rotation, but […]

191 of 365 is a hot wet sloppy mess in ...

This was fun. I saw a 3d image as I was looking on recently, and thought I can do that in Inkscape! I took a dingbat font based fish and placed it in Inkscape on the canvas. I duplicated it twice and placed each slightly apart from one another. […]

150 of 365 is a 3D fish in #Inkscape #design