all you can eat sushi retro diner sign - John LeMasney
I love when retro ideas are mashed up with contemporary trends, and so I decided to make this retro style diner sign about ten-dollar all-you-can-eat sushi. The original that I worked from was a sign for five-cent bottomless coffee, and this was the contemporary equivalent that came to mind.

All you can eat sushi retro diner sign – John ...

This is a love letter to libraries everywhere for all they offer: information about the mechanical world, music and audio media, videos and movies, information about all aspects of life and living things, the histories of the sciences, fun and insightful programming, and other keys to knowledge and intelligence. They […]

283 of 365 is a love letter to #libraries #design #Inkscape

Ana Devecka asked me to make a Tiger as part of this project’s sub-series on animals made out of text. Thanks to Ana for the suggestion. One personal innovation for me in this sketch was the treatment of the color and body of the tiger, which I created separately from […]

282 of 365 is a tiger made of text #design ...