Okay google, what year is it cc-by lemasney
The title of that short story is Okay Google, what year is it?, and the orb you see is some nearby year's equivalent to the amazing Amazon Echo, except it uses quiet drone and magnetic stops technologies to float about your house, answering any question, turning on and off million colored micro LEDs under your feet and overhead as you walk along the heavily corridored apartments of the future.

Illustration: Okay Google – what year is it? cc-by lemasney

What I love about Google Calendar thumbnail and title
Number two of fifty-two is on one of my essential tools for productivity, time management, customer relationship management, task and to-do, and scheduling, Google Calendar! This was prompted by a conversation I was having with Ben Bakelaar and Peter Bromberg on Facebook about what I use for productivity and time management, and I said Google Calendar. When I got some feedback that their experience was less than stellar, I decided to share a screenshot of my GCal

What I love about Google Calendar: Productivity abundance cc-by lemasney

Jedediah Higgins House, Princeton, NJ, Interior, Buddha and lotus wall piece, cc-by lemasney
A very good friend asked me "who are you now?". She asks because I had a major life event this year, in February, that changed my life. I gained some clarity about the answer, and here it is.

Who are you now?

The revised Google motto by John LeMasney via #Inkscape #Google
Recording of the senses. We already have the very clear record of what we see and we have the ability to hear and record what we hear. We are just beginning to understand how to record how we touch with haptics, like in remote robot gloves.

The recording of the senses cc-by lemasney

Losing Weight: John LeMasney after picture
I am very excited to have been asked to give the keynote presentation and other presentations at Lib2.0 2015: A Media Specialist Symposium, in October 2015.

My first keynote presentation: Lib2.0 at Stockton

The obelisk is an iPhone
A post on the evolution of humans being accelerated by lemasney

Theorem: smartphone as evolution of the human senses by lemasney

nowhere placemark geolocation by John LeMasney via
I was alerted to Toby Greenwalt’s great blog theanalogdivide by Sophie Brookover of Library Link NJ, in which Toby just proposed a series of design problems as they relate to libraries. I love a good design problem. Here he introduces the first problem, and below I answer it in my […]

65 of 365: A library design problem solved, perhaps.

55 of 365 Coffee Mug by John LeMasney via
This is a three-dimensional coffee cup created in SketchUp, the Trimble-owned, free, three-dimensional modeling application. Given the increased importance of making and three-dimensional printing in contemporary libraries, I have decided to focus a bit on 3D modeling as an area to extend myself into.  I taught a class on this for […]

56 of 365: A three dimensional coffee cup in SketchUp