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I have the honor of announcing that Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (JMRL) has agreed to let me speak in a free technology series in their beautiful downtown location. I love technology, and want to share what I love about it, continuing the work I've done for 20 years in the Northeastern part of our country. If you have a topic or a venue that you'd like covered, please contact me, and let's make that happen.

Free technology series at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in 2017 with ...

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Learn how to design your own original waveform tattoo with Inkscape, Audacity, and Linux! In this, the first of 52 planned videos for 2016, John LeMasney starts off the "What I love about..." series with a true love of his: Inkscape, the open source vector illustration application

What I love about Inkscape cc-by lemasney (1/52)

20121206: A portrait of Richard Stallman's face in ascii text binary code by John LeMasney via #opensource #creativecommons #design 3
Richard Stallman, a professor at MIT, and a personal hero of mine, is a curmudgeon.  He is the father of the Free Software movement, and a personal inspiration in his steadfastness in keeping the idea of free software alive, very specifically separating the ideas of Free (Libre) Software and Open Source […]

20121206: A portrait of Richard Stallman’s face in ascii text ...

    There are many reasons that I advocate for Free and Open Source Software, but among my top reasons is that it will never stop me from doing what I want or need to do, like so many proprietary systems do because of money, licensing or ideology. tags: open […]

66 of 365 is a reason to use Open Source ...

    My friend Alma who has support this project regularly with comments and suggestions gave me several photos to use as a response to a call I made on Facebook for subject matter. If you have a photo you’d like restored, please drop me a line at lemasney on […]

11 of 365 is a pageant beauty #GIMP

    My very good friend Angel suggested that I do a postcard from a disaster area in the style depicted here, and I thought it was a great challenge. In particular I imported the Greetings from Brigham Young University postcard on that linked Flickr page as a base. First […]

9 of 365 is a postcard from the gulf #GIMP

    This is an image I created of Atlas, the mythical figure who held the world upon his shoulders. I most often depict him after he has dropped, thrown, or cast the world off, which I think is an interesting concept. I also wanted to show the Gestalt visual […]

6 of 365 is an homage to Atlas #GIMP

The revised Google motto by John LeMasney via #Inkscape #Google 2
I’m about the biggest fanboy that Google has, but I’ll also be the first one to tell you it’s kind of scary how much they know about me. I believe that they totally live up to their idea of “don’t be evil” and I love the things that they are […]

The revised Google motto by John LeMasney via #Inkscape ...