48 of 365 - bibliophile custom typography by John LeMasney via
Tonight, I just wanted to play a bit with a word: bibliophile. It’s such a beautifully rhythmic word, and while I tend to read more screens than physical pages, I feel like I can align myself with the word. In Inkscape, I found a good hefty font in Chunk Five, […]

48 of 365: bibliophile custom typography by John LeMasney via ...

Ampersand Greater Than Font Study by John LeMasney via 2
Today, I decided to use Inkscape to play with type. When you type less than three (<3), you are expressing an emoticon for love, symbolized by a heart. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use symbol. Two close friends or sweethearts might use it in SMS to express a little love. Ampersand Greater Than […]

40 of 365: Ampersand Greater Than modified typography

Cost-Benefit Analysis study: a font mashup between Gill Sans and Scriptina Pro
Cost-Benefit as a design principle talks about the tension between the cost of the user’s time, effort, and other resources versus the benefit to that same users. If the perceived cost of a user exceeds their perceived benefit, the user will stop the use of the design. If the value […]

28 of 365: Cost-Benefit design principle

2 of 365 - advance organizer on serif vs sans serif by John LeMasney via
Advance Organizers are a design method in which an audience is given new information in one of two ways in order to become oriented with a new concept.

2 of 365: Expository and Comparative Advance Organizers #design #principles

I had a very close friend ask me to do a typography study of the text-based heart that we use in chats, in the form of less than 3 (<3). Not surprisingly some fonts work far better than others for conveying a heart. tags: heart, study, typography, Inkscape, open source, creative […]

83 of 365 is a study for a heart <3 ...

So I realized a long time ago that Radiohead’s song “Creep” and Queens of the Stone Age‘s  song “How to handle a rope” (I think; I’ll check) “You can’t quit me baby” both use the beautiful lyric I illustrated here. Yeah it’s a little sad, but who doesn’t want someone […]

77 of 365 is a shared song lyric #Inkscape