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Project 09 - Motorized Pinwheel in Fritzing by lemasney 2
The Arduino starter kit via Instagram Here is the finished project 09 from the Arduino starter kit. For some reason the Fritzing image for Project 09 (The Motorized Pinwheel) from the Arduino Starter kit is not available online, so I recreated it (below). This project allows you to learn […]

Arduino Starter Kit Project 09: Motorized Pinwheel

An Introduction to Arduino at Princeton Public Library by John LeMasney

Introduction to Arduino: 7 things you should know

Weighted Companion Cube from Portal by John LeMasney via 4
So my friend Robert has been trying to get me into gaming. He alerted me to the fact that the gaming platform called Steam was coming to Mac OS a few months back, and they offered a free game called Portal as an incentive to get you to download and […]

217 of 365 is for the weighted companion cube from ...

A pattern for a coffee can lantern by John LeMasney via #cc #design 4
I recently came across a detailed DIY article on creating a coffee can lantern, and thought it was a great opportunity to see one’s design in a different, ahem, light. So I imagined what I might like to see flickering and dancing at 10 pm at night, and this is […]

A pattern for a coffee can lantern by John LeMasney ...