48 of 365 - bibliophile custom typography by John LeMasney via
Tonight, I just wanted to play a bit with a word: bibliophile. It’s such a beautifully rhythmic word, and while I tend to read more screens than physical pages, I feel like I can align myself with the word. In Inkscape, I found a good hefty font in Chunk Five, […]

48 of 365: bibliophile custom typography by John LeMasney via ...

46 of 365 - factor of safety design principle (belt and suspenders) by John LeMasney via 2
Factor of safety is about preparing for unknown flaws in a design, even though the issue may never arise. In the interest of preventing system failure, a designer can make more safety elements than are necessary. In general, it is the act of adding more elements than are strictly necessary […]

46 of 365: Factor of Safety design principle (Belt and ...

45 of 365 - minimalism design principle by John LeMasney via
One of the most lovely things that I have enjoyed as a part of my design and consulting practice is the ability to stay fairly stress free in the effort. Because of the flexibility afforded by consulting, I am able to step back, look at the entire spectrum of the […]

45 of 365: On the effortless work: Minimalism design principle

41 of 365 - teach a man to fish design principle by John LeMasney via
Teach a Man to Fish Give a man a fish, he eats today. Teach a man to fish, he eats forever. This rather common phrase is a core part of my philosophy in consulting. This is sort of a stretch as a design principle, and the first time in this […]

41 of 365: Teach a Man to Fish design principle

Consider face-ism ratio when presenting a photo of a human. The theory says that a face that takes up a larger portion of the photo emphasizes the intelligence and persona of the person in the photo, where a photo that shows less of the face, and more of the body, emphasizes […]

39 of 365: Face-ism Ratio design principle

Libraries, the original co-working space cc-by lemasney
Today, I’m presenting on behalf of Library Link NJ on the topics of eBook borrowing and the Basics of Graphic Design. In this session, we are going to look at using Overdrive to borrow eBooks, a very common method in libraries today. We will spend the rest of the time […]

Resources for Staff Day Training at Woodbridge Public Library

33 of 365 - Desired line design principle by John LeMasney via
Desire lines are a development tool that a designer can use from the way that people actually interact with an interface, space, or object before finalizing features, paths, or navigation. It is often used in designing walking paths in a new space to help determine the best place to put […]

33 of 365: Desire Lines design principle

31 of 365 - Design by committee design principle by John LeMasney via
There are times where design is best accomplished by a single, monolithic voice (design by dictator) and other times when it is best done by committee. In cases where stakeholder buy in is not necessary, the design parameters are exceptionally clear, or the scope and timing of the design are […]

31 of 365: Design by Committee design principle

30 of 365 - Depth of Processing design principle by John LeMasney via
Depth of Processing is a design theory in which it is believed that when information is analyzed more deeply, the information is more likely to be retained. Instruction sheets that are more complex and analytical are more likely to retained than more superficial ones. In this illustration, I wanted to […]

30 of 365: Depth of Processing design principle