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Jedediah Higgins House, Princeton, NJ, Interior, Buddha and lotus wall piece, cc-by lemasney
A very good friend asked me "who are you now?". She asks because I had a major life event this year, in February, that changed my life. I gained some clarity about the answer, and here it is.

Who are you now?

Google before you Tweet is the new Think before you speak - LeMasney Consulting
So I recently gave a class at Princeton Public Library on Google Drive. I speak about it frequently to organizations and internal groups as well. It is a topic that is nearly as close to my heart as visual literacy, and one that strongly affects the way I learn, work, and live. The accompanying presentation is at this link on Google Drive. And that, in effect, is part of the power of it. I can control who gets what kind of access to all of my documents going back to my first digital document, and can grant access or editing rights with a link.

10 things to know about Google Drive

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View image | There’s a free and open to the public class tonight (4/15/2015) at Princeton Public Library at 7 pm on Google Drive. I’m excited for the session because in many of the conversations that I have with clients about how they manage documents and archives, I usually […]

Tonight at PPL: Google Drive

The obelisk is an iPhone
A post on the evolution of humans being accelerated by lemasney

Theorem: smartphone as evolution of the human senses by lemasney

Project 09 - Motorized Pinwheel in Fritzing by lemasney 2
The Arduino starter kit via Instagram Here is the finished project 09 from the Arduino starter kit. For some reason the Fritzing image for Project 09 (The Motorized Pinwheel) from the Arduino Starter kit is not available online, so I recreated it (below). This project allows you to learn […]

Arduino Starter Kit Project 09: Motorized Pinwheel

An Introduction to Arduino at Princeton Public Library by John LeMasney

Introduction to Arduino: 7 things you should know

Hot Calligraphy cc-by lemasney
Hot Calligraphy cc-by lemasney

Hot Calligraphy cc-by lemasney