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I have the honor of announcing that Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (JMRL) has agreed to let me speak in a free technology series in their beautiful downtown location. I love technology, and want to share what I love about it, continuing the work I've done for 20 years in the Northeastern part of our country. If you have a topic or a venue that you'd like covered, please contact me, and let's make that happen.

Free technology series at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in 2017 with ...

Why Google should make self driving balls cc-by lemasney
Why Google should make Self-Driving Balls cc-by lemasney

Why Google should make Self-Driving Balls cc-by lemasney

Ya heard Bullhorn voice cc-by lemasney
Regarding the linguistic tricks of YouTube stars: I've always noticed that the YouTube stars all have the same kind of enthusiastic, bouncy pitch. A linguist was asked about it. Here's the story!

The Linguistic Tricks of YouTube Stars

Jedediah Higgins House, Princeton, NJ, Interior, Buddha and lotus wall piece, cc-by lemasney
A very good friend asked me "who are you now?". She asks because I had a major life event this year, in February, that changed my life. I gained some clarity about the answer, and here it is.

Who are you now?

Jedediah Higgins House, Kingston, NJ, Interior, Natural light, cc-by lemasney
Here's what's going on the first half of September at LeMasney Consulting.

What’s going on in early September 2015 at LeMasney Consulting