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Muesli recipe by lemasney
What is muesli, exactly? In case you’re wondering, Muesli is a rather de-sugared, de-oiled, de-processed form of what we know as granola. Instead of using sugar and oil to combine ingredients into a clump, we use muesli as a kind of flexible additive condiment, snack, or texturizer. As a result, […]

My muesli recipe

Vegetable soup with barley and lentils (recipe) by lemasney
It’s getting cold here, and I always love soup in the winter. I’ve made a few soups recently, and I figured I’d share this one. It features carrots, cabbage, onions, potato, some great grains and a vegetable broth. Prep: 1 Tbsp oil 1 medium onion chopped 2 carrots diced 1 […]

Vegetable soup with barley and lentils (recipe).

Arduino Starter Kit Project 09 Motorized Pinwheel
Joy is Your sons carrying around rocks and leaves that they found for you, that meet clear expectations, and exceed them. Quiet in the forest; Sanctitude Solving a problem that you did not know existed. Sharing what you know. Listening to good music. Gaining knowledge with others. The freedom to understand, […]

On joy.

spinach soup by lemasney
via Instagram Spinach Soup with Acini di Pepe It’s getting cold here in Central New Jersey, and I was looking for something warm for lunch. I looked around and saw all of the ingredients for one of my favorite soups to have in the fall. It takes about an […]

Spinach soup with Acini di Pepe [recipe].

via Instagram The Breakfast Problem This morning I decided to take a few fresh vegetables to make a filling for grilled veggie breakfast burritos. In my refrigerator, I typically have fresh spinach, Roma tomatoes, onions, new potatoes, orange bell pepper, and tortilla. These were the first things I saw this […]

Recipe: Grilled veggie breakfast burritos

brown rice and corn with pureed tomatoes by lemasney
Today, I had some extra cooking time, and so I decided to make an improvised dish of what was around the kitchen. Sometimes this works out beautifully, and sometimes it is simply a learning experience. Today’s experiment worked out very well. Brown Rice and corn with pureed tomatoes. I have […]

Recipe: Brown rice and corn with pureed tomato

via Instagram Wild rice blend with spinach, garlic and tomato black beans recipe Ingredients: 1 can black beans 1 cup chopped spinach 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1/2 cup crushed tomato 1 cup wild rice blend or brown rice 2 cups water or broth Salt, pepper, and one other spice […]

Wild rice blend with spinach, garlic and tomato black beans ...

Agricola Pears (
About Agricola Agricola, a Princeton based farm-to-plate restaurant, has been here for about a year, and tonight was my first opportunity to visit. Agricola’s own site says “Using fresh local ingredients from our very own Great Road Farm as well as from other neighboring providers, we serve food that brings […]

70 of 365: First visit to Agricola