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I have learned a lot in my journey towards health. I know when and exactly how I am mis-eating, which I did not know before. I knew when I was eating badly, I knew when I was eating cleanly, but I did not know, numerically, to what degree either had as an effect on my fitness. I know now.

Why do I post so much about nutrition?

The obelisk is an iPhone
A post on the evolution of humans being accelerated by smartphones.cc-by lemasney

Theorem: smartphone as evolution of the human senses by lemasney

Venn diagram of nutritional management by lemasney
My Weekly ‘Therapy’ Session I was having a conversation with a very good friend the other day. We were talking about the circle of topics that we always talk about, e.g. life, work, relationships, status, and emotion. I deeply enjoy the conversations and they happen almost weekly. It is my […]

On quantification and truth

  Have trouble with your car. Have a friend stop by the grocery and pick you up some groceries. Ask them to pick up soup, fruit, and cough medicine. Have them pick you up to take you to your first client appointment of the day. Understand that your friend can […]

63 of 365: How to truly appreciate an orange.

Sunday Stovetop Frittata by John LeMasney via lemasney.com
Sundays are leisurely here at LeMasney Consulting. I woke up to eggs, but no bread, and a few bags of frozen vegetables to remind me of summer in the wintertime. I decided to make a frittata. Frittatas are egg based vehicles for meat and vegetables, and are a quick meal. They […]

55 of 365: Sunday Stovetop Frittata by John LeMasney via ...

I am marking a very special anniversary here. On April 19th, 2012, I stopped drinking alcohol, and since then, I’ve learned how to live again. On Friday, April 19th, 2013, I noted one year of sobriety, and a lot has happened. Here are some of the highlights of what happened […]

On a year of sobriety