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Nature and bricks and sunlight square by lemasney
I will likely write about my new path once a week or once a month. I'll share photos when appropriate, I think my work will change, but I still love to help people and teach. When people heard about my new adventure, they told me to capture and journal the adventure. This writing is for them as well as for me. Thanks to all of my friends for understanding and trusting that I have not lost my mind, I just let go of my stuff.

On universal human kindness cc-by lemasney

What I love about Convenience Stores in NJ cc-by lemasney
What I love about Convenience Stores in NJ! In the video, I talk about my love for Wawa, the general best practice of computer interfaces for food ordering, the variety and service aspects of convenience, and more.

What I love about Convenience Stores in NJ cc-by lemasney ...

bread by lemasney
I have learned a lot in my journey towards health. I know when and exactly how I am mis-eating, which I did not know before. I knew when I was eating badly, I knew when I was eating cleanly, but I did not know, numerically, to what degree either had as an effect on my fitness. I know now.

Why do I post so much about nutrition?

Muesli recipe by lemasney
What is muesli, exactly? In case you’re wondering, Muesli is a rather de-sugared, de-oiled, de-processed form of what we know as granola. Instead of using sugar and oil to combine ingredients into a clump, we use muesli as a kind of flexible additive condiment, snack, or texturizer. As a result, […]

My muesli recipe