These posts involve people and organizations who you could talk to about their experiences with LeMasney Consulting.

The Dawn of Man
John LeMasney played Kubrick's 2001 backwards and forwards simultaneously. Here's what he discovered.

Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forwards and Backwards.

lemasney tshirt
Looking for a little feedback help. Hey, all. I hope you are doing well! For those of you I’ve worked with in the past, please consider giving me a review on Google Maps. I’m looking for ratings, photos, and reviews because the move from NJ to VA wiped out my […]

Request for feedback

What I love about inkscape thumbnail and title
Learn how to design your own original waveform tattoo with Inkscape, Audacity, and Linux! In this, the first of 52 planned videos for 2016, John LeMasney starts off the "What I love about..." series with a true love of his: Inkscape, the open source vector illustration application

What I love about Inkscape cc-by lemasney (1/52)

John LeMasney Que
I had the great pleasure earlier this year of working with Que Publishing to develop and release several video how to products about WordPress and Raspberry Pi. You can see some samples here:

My recent work with Que Publishing

Libraries, the original co-working space cc-by lemasney
Librarians, please explain like I'm 5. Am I overreacting, or is this a part of the death of libraries?

ELI5 Libraries edition: Library meeting room policy that omits business ...

There's something strangely musical about noise - Trent Reznor - cc-by lemasney
Of particular interest in episode 76 is a very brief overview of Audiotool, Audacity, and Drumbit, the tools we will be using to make a song.

Technology and the Arts Episodes 75 and 76: Choosing tools ...

Jedediah Higgins House, Kingston, NJ, Interior, Natural light, cc-by lemasney
Here's what's going on the first half of September at LeMasney Consulting.

What’s going on in early September 2015 at LeMasney Consulting

Open source and free do not mean the same thing at all cc-by lemasney
John LeMasney interviewed by Rich Kazimir on WDVR on Open Source

Open Source Primer: John LeMasney interviewed by Rich Kazimir on ...

Losing Weight: John LeMasney after picture
I am very excited to have been asked to give the keynote presentation and other presentations at Lib2.0 2015: A Media Specialist Symposium, in October 2015.

My first keynote presentation: Lib2.0 at Stockton