Branding Starter Package: What if it was easy?

we get in our own way cc-by lemasney

cc-by lemasney

LeMasney Consulting is now offering a branding starter package for individuals and companies

You keep seeing beautiful, informational web sites. What about your own site? Do you have one? Can you update it? Are you happy with your online presence? When you are just getting started with that presence, the answer is often no. Our small business starter package can help.

To feel supported in your online presence, you will need a few things for the digital side, and a few things on the real-life side. I have helped thousands of people with technology, and I have learned a lot about what my clients want. Take a look at the Testimonials page for more on what people are saying about their experience with me, then consider my Small Business Starter Package to get your own great online presence!

We want to make having a great online business presence easy! I’m excited to help you! If this package does not cover all that you need, fear not! Maybe you need a graphics package. Maybe you are looking for help with a podcast. Maybe you already have a site and just need to migrate to an easier system. I’m flexible, and we can do everything that you want at a reasonable price. Too much? Too little? Let us know what you need, and I assure you that I will do everything I can to get you set up at the right price.

Does this describe you?

  • You are building your idea somewhere in the world, but you need to build your online presence too.
  • You want to truly own the message you are putting out, down to the colors and fonts.
  • You are an individual who wants to focus on ideas, not technologies.
  • You have tried other solutions, and they were too expensive or too difficult.
  • You do not have an endless budget for your web presence, but you know it is important to be out there.
  • You just want it taken care of, and ASAP.

How long will it take, what will I get, and how much does it cost?

I want to help you in your new task. For just $500 (10 hours at the standard rate), you’ll get the following (20 hours estimated work — that’s half price!). I’ll help you to:

  • define your brand
  • purchase and set up your domain with a domain host and email
  • create a wordmark based logo
  • set up your new website with a great content management system
  • add a beautiful theme from a curated set for business owners like you
  • carry out SEO (search engine optimization) best practices
  • Responsive design for mobile audiences
  • 5 edited photos/images of your location, products, or staff
  • Analytics so you can see who came to your site and what they did there
  • create a standard 10 page set, including
    • a home page
    • an about page,
    • a contact page with social media connections and contact form,
    • a portfolio/gallery page for your completed projects,
    • your first news post,
    • your first offer post
    • your first featured post
    • A testimonials page
    • A work philosophy page
    • An introduction post
  • and finally, I’ll teach you how to manage it all with a training session.

The average time from start to launch is about two weeks.

Examples coming soon!


It starts with a free hour-long meeting that you set up in one of two ways:

Contact me by email at

Contact me by phone at (609) 553-9498

I’m John from LeMasney Consulting. Let’s do something great together!

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