Technology and the Arts: On getting started with Scratch

So, Brian Kelley and I did the third installment of Technology and the Arts, our weekly/seasonal podcast that focuses on the connections between technology and art. I thought it was one of our better shows, low on glitch, high on value. Please visit where I give a brief demo on MIT‘s Scratch project, a block programming platform for games, art, animation, and more. It’s targeted at kids who want to jump right into programming, but I find that it’s a great platform for any age to work out programming ideas. In the demo, I show you how to get to it, what a project looks like, how to open it for editing, and how too find other projects. Please visit the video in its full form to hear us talk about the rest of our topics, which this week included Google Easter Eggs, a great podcast called It’s a Thing with Molly Wood and Tom Merritt, Jay-Z‘s Picasso Baby art happening as video, and more. Like, subscribe, and find the rest of our online presence at the youtube page.

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