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What do you mean podcasts?

I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I mean I still listen to NPR content, like Fresh Air and This American Life, I just don’t ever listen over the air anymore. A few years ago, I upgraded my stock (2006) car radio to one with an auxiliary 1/8 inch audio jack and USB port so that I could take any audio device with a headphone out jack or USB key and use it to share audio in my car. It was by far my best automotive upgrade. Now, when I hop in my car, it takes just a second to plug in power and audio, and I’m listening to Spotify, Google Music, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, GPS instructions, audio readouts of my texts (with the help of Tasker), and anything else I would normally hear through the notably bad speaker on my phone. Sometime, I’ll share the various audio apps in detail, but for now, I wanted to focus on content.

Staying informed about technology

I’m a technologist. One of the most valuable things about the work that I do is staying informed about trends, listening to new problems and solutions, hearing technology related news, and getting synopses of the latest developer conferences, lawsuits, and other events in the tech world. Here are the podcasts that I listen to in order to get this information most efficiently.

Anything from the TWiT Network.


TWiT (Photo credit: insidetwit)

There are several shows I deeply enjoy and look forward to from Leo Laporte’s powerful technology-centric network. My favorites are This Week in Tech (a roundtable discussion on the happenings of the week in regards to technology), This Week in Google (A conversation about cloud based computing, news from Google, and sometimes popular culture), and All About Android (a show focusing on the latest news related to the mobile operating system). The content may sound dry but the beauty of this network is the amazingly entertaining talents of people like Leo, a seasoned radio and TV personality, Gina Trapani, an open source advocate and developer, Tom Merritt, a multi-talented host and presenter, Jeff Jarvis, a pundit and philosopher on journalism, and many others who are well-known in the technology broadcasting world.  I highly recommend visiting the network and seeing what particular topics are important to your work and life, and subscribing.





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