1. Khürt Williams

    Does the library have space a person can work, including making phone calls and meeting with clients? It’s a little far away for me to use but Cowerks in Ashbury Park has nice facilities.


    • In fact it does. You can get a variety of full-volume various-sized working rooms for an hour session, and I have done it many times in the past month. Phone calls, wireless connectivity, quiet space, meeting space for clients, and an incredibly beautiful view, at least at PPL.

  2. Libraries are often the best working space for concentrated, productive thinking. I use two libraries regularly. PPL is one of them. The other is not as phone friendly, but that can be a plus. Texting often takes care of would-be phone calls. Libraries offer more privacy and respect of personal space than does a coffee shop, but also provide a sense of community.
    One ironic library downside is this Luddite’s bane: I lug heavy books–sand to the beach–around along with my laptop. Much of what I read is not available online. Anyway, I love the smell books and feel of the paper page. Books I have borrowed are aflutter with Post-it tabs. I should take a photo of one for the sake of posterity.

    • Hi, Circe! So good to see you last night. I agree wholeheartedly. I often use PPL’s private study spaces which give good insulation against intruding on another’s space with my phone calls. :) I understand and appreciate your sensual affection for the physical book. Me too.

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