Loose Tea Review: Ujinotsuyu Genmaicha Tokuyo



This genmaicha tea from ujinotsuyu is traditionally called ‘the people’s tea‘ and combines green tea and toasted rice, the rice being a kind of filler to make the tea less expensive, though it also gives the brew a distinct flavor which is surprising to anyone who’s only ever had tea or rice separately. It’s also called popcorn tea because some kernels of rice can pop in the toasting process.

The color of the brew is typically a light yellow, but I thought it was reminiscent of flat mountain dew, a very neon green.

The flavor is subtle, nutty, and tastes of brown rice, of course. It is a nice contrast to richer teas and an awful lot like a thin, unassuming broth.

The aroma reminds me of fresh-baked bread. You can smell the toasted rice, but behind it is a slight grassiness of a meadow. A very nice scent.

The tea is rather dry, and has a light lingering finish near the back of the tongue. There is very little viscosity.

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