254 of 365 is a nascar cheetah #animal #design #inkscape 2

Nascar cheetah

Nascar cheetah

So just a few nights ago, I was giving a talk about 365 sketches and it’s origins to the Princeton PC Users Group, and a friend of mine from Linux Users Group in Princeton, Kim, was in the audience. There’s a sequence in my talk where I show a whale deep underwater, preceded by a sheet of web 2.0 logos collected as a way of showing the style of web 2.0 logos. At any rate, when Kim saw this progression, he said that he thought at first that I was going to show a Nascar whale, a whale covered in logos. Yhis struck me as funny, and it was exactly the sort of thing I might do. I decided to do it with a cheetah, in order to stay in the analogic idea of advertising and fast vehicles. So, here it is, and thanks very much to Kim for the spark!

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