Canada – LeMasney Consulting

Canada - LeMasney Consulting

Canada – LeMasney Consulting

Hey, all. This is one of the simplest sketches ever, but I think often about how much I appreciate the humor, culture, music, and exports from our northern neighbors. I really loved the way that they hosted the winter games, too. One of my favorite Canadian exports by far is one JanieH who’s been helping me a lot lately, and so it all came together as a need to say thanks to Canada for putting out some really great stuff. I hope to go someday.

In inkscape I took a morguefile image of a maple leaf, a clear Canadian symbol, imported and bitmap traced it in edge detect mode, changed the fill to red, and performed the candy coating effect on it, which is more or less just some visual trickery with the gradient tool and an inset, duplicated path. For a final touch I placed a metallized paint filter on the background rectangle to give it a bit of shine.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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